Summit Washington D.C.

summit washington d.c.
Living in D.C. for the past three years has made me realize how lucky I am to not only be able live in a place as beautiful as this city, but also how lucky I am that Diabetes technology has gotten to the point where I can live by myself and be confident in managing my disease on my own. That being said, I would love a cure. Saturday morning on October 20th at 10:30 in the morning, I met up friends and family in our nations capital at the Washington Monument. For a few weeks before the event, I had been sending messages through Facebook to Kiss the Sky supporters, supporters of Dr. Faustman, and also family and friends. My hope was to get a group together to walk to monuments and eventually “summit” the Lincoln memorial as a way to celebrate my dad’s hike and promote more awareness for Kiss the Sky. A group of about 25 of us gathered on a beautiful, sunny day in D.C. and set out to conquer the monuments. Through our hike, I was able to tell the walkers more about our story and what my hopes are for Kiss the Sky -- to find a cure. We walked from the Washington Monument, after spending 20 minutes talking about KTS, down through the World War 2 Memorial, along the newly redone reflecting pool, and finally we were able to climb the stairs of the Lincoln. While walking, I was able to realize how grateful I was that everyone came out to support our efforts. The hike was easy, but we had a lot of fun. Not only was the walk fun and successful, by promoting it before hand, I was able to show a lot of people at my university what KTS was and how they can become involved to help find a cure. I would have been excited if only one person showed up to summit the monuments, but I was thrilled when I saw the whole group there supporting Kiss the Sky and me. We had a great time and I am excited to continue work towards finding a cure and continue doing smaller “hikes” around the country in order to end a disease that has affected me for so long. To everyone who asked me why I chose to do this hike or Kiss the Sky I simply tell them:  I don’t remember a day where I did not have diabetes and I would love to know, just for one day (or more), what it feels like.
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