Mt. Langley Summer 2015 Hike

The KTS team reached the summit of Mt. Langley on July 25th and returned safely to camp.  A full trip report will be posted soon.  Thanks to everyone following our journey and supporting the effort to conquer diabetes.
mount langley hiking group
With family and friends making their first attempt at a 14,000 ft peak, the KTS team will be heading back to the High Sierra to climb Mt. Langley. Sierra Mountaineering International  ( will guide the KTS team out of the forests, through meadows and past the spectacular lakes, and then up to the summit of the 7th highest peak in the Sierra.  As we reach the summit, we’ll look over at Mt. Whitney, less than 5 miles away, where the KTS journey to find a cure began in 2002.  We’ll then turn to Mt Tyndall which the KTS team summited in 2012 when the Faustman Lab reported positive results from Phase I clinical trials of a potential cure.  And as we raise the KTS flag, we’ll cheer the start of Phase II clinical trials and give thanks to all those who have donated to help make this research possible.
mount langley
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