Mount Tyndall

Kiss the Sky to Conquer Diabetes 10th anniversary climb to raise $100,000 to support Phase 2 clinical trails of a potential cure for diabetes!

Mount Tyndall10 years ago we launched Kiss the Sky to Conquer Diabetes and pledged to keep climbing  until we conquer diabetes. For much of the last 10 years, KTS teams haVE been climbing to support clinical trials of a potential cure for diabetes being conducted by Dr. Faustman at MGH.  With the support of Lee Iacocca and hundreds of grass roots initiatives including KTS, Dr. Faustman’s team raised over $10 million to fully fund the Phase 1 human clinical trails

The Phase 1 trials were a success and Dr. Faustman and her team have raised over $10 million and need to raise more than $10 million more to fully fund the Phase 2 of the trials.

For the 10th anniversary of the inaugural KTS climb, the KTS Team is climbing again to raise $100,000 to support the Phase 2 clinical trials.

We had planned to hike the JMT but had to scratch that when training run fall broke my clavicle and required 10 screws to put it back together.

But, now, with the clavicle mended, it’s time to get the KTS team back together for the KTS 10th anniversary climb to conquer diabetes.  Joining me again on the KTS team will be Nathanael Johnson and Jeff Hanson.  We’ve been climbing together for KTS since 2004 from Mount Rainier in Washington to the Cordillera Real in Bolivia.  And, on October 17th we’ll be joining up again to climb to conquer diabetes.

On the morning of October 18th the KTS Team will be heading into the High Sierra for the an attempt that weekend to summit Mount Tyndall.  Mount Tyndall is the 10th highest mountain in California and sits on the Sierra Crest which forms the boundary between the John Muir Wilderness and the Inyo National Forest on the East and the Sequoia National Park on the West.  It’s about 6 miles Northeast of Mt. Whitney, which the KTS team summited on the inaugural climb 10 years ago..

The mountain is named after John Tyndall, a prominent 19th century Irish physicist who rose to fame for his study of diamagnetism and for helping to bring state-of –the-art experimental physics to a broader audience.  He discovered simple way to obtain “optically pure” air:  his “Tyndallization” eradicated the bacterial spores.  At the time, it affirmed the “germ theory” against a number of critics whose experimental results had been defective from the same cause.

So, climbing the mountain named in John Tyndall’s honor, the 10th highest peak in CA, seems perfect for KTS 10th and here’s the plan:

Thursday, 10/18: the KTS Team will leave Independence CA early and head into the High Sierra by four wheel drive vehicle to the trailhead.  The team will then shoulder their packs and hike into Anvil Camp.

On Friday, 10/19: the KTS team plans to set out early for an attempt to summit Mount Tyndall!  And the team plans to return to camp at Anvil Camp late that day.

On Saturday 10/20, if all goes as planned, the KTS team will break camp, shoulder their packs and hike out to the trailhead and, from there, return by four wheel drive to Independence CA.

Here’s a youtube – google map of the hike.

And here is Mount Tyndall